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SWE Services, LLC

SWE Services, LLC provides broadcast and electrical engineering services worldwide. We maintain and repair broadcast transmission systems.


Transmitter Services

Quality transmitter installations, repairs, and maintenance are some of the many services SWE provides. Having knowledgeable and professional personnel complete complex repairs ensures broadcasters remain on-air and operating properly.


Antenna Services

Proper antenna array operation is essential to excellent signal propagation and performance. SWE Services provides quality antenna services, ensuring the antenna system is properly configured. SWE installs, optimizes, and repairs broadcast antenna systems regularly. Keysight/Agilent network analyzers are used in conjunction with Class A signal generator amplifiers allowing accurate measurements to be completed in high RF environments. In addition to installations and repairs, we offer the following antenna services: impedance matching, refurbishing, multi-frequency tuning, TDR/DTF analysis, ATU/Phasor optimizing, combiner and filter services, field strength measurements, predicted coverage analysis, pattern optimization, and full turn-key antenna solutions.


RF Proof of Performance Measurements 

Radio Frequency Proof of Performance Measurements ensures proper transmission performance and is required by the FCC. SWE Services provides FM, AM, and TV proof of performance services. SWE uses Agilent/Keysight Spectrum Analyzer instrumentation in conjunction with proper filtering. 


RFR Measurements

Radio Frequency Exposure Measurements are in some cases required by the FCC. SWE Services uses calibrated Narda instrumentation. The Narda frequency specific equipment provides accurate narrow band exposure measurements of the RF spectrum. The Narda instrumentation can selectively measure the field exposure produced by individual broadcast emissions and assess the results in accordance with the applicable standards.

Tower Services

SWE Services offers a full line of tower services. SWE provides the following tower services: Tower Lighting replacement, troubleshooting, and repairs. Antenna system installations, replacements, and repairs. Tower Inspections, maintenance, painting, and servicing. Tower erections, removal, and repairs.